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Our ecofriendly actions

Beyond the joy of welcoming you to the Hôtel des Artistes, we are pleased to work to improve our daily practices, in order to offer services that have a positive impact on the planet, biodiversity, your health and your overall stay.

To this end, we display our environmental strategy in complete transparency and continue our efforts on an ongoing basis.

For us, the quality of the products and services we deliver is paramount. This guarantee of quality involves a selection of healthy and tasty products that respect the environment, and are produced as close as possible to the hotel.

We wish to make your stay with us, a forefront of the pleasures that await you in the magnificent city of Lyon.

More specifically, here are some examples of our daily practices in terms of environmental strategy:

Cleaning products that respect your health and our planet

At the the Hôtel des artistes, we ban toxic cleaning products and limit ourselves to a single Ecocert-certified multi-purpose cleaning eco-detergent. Our Lyonnais partner Comodis implements a committed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification process guaranteeing the quality of its services as well as the integrity of its environmental commitment.

Eco-designed hospitality products

Beyond their subtle fragrance and the softness effect on your skin, our body, hair and hand shower gels are certified BIO Organic Cosmetics and Eco Cert, the packaging and dispensers are 100% recycled and recyclable. Our manufacturer is part of a certification process through the European Ecolabel and has implemented a circular economy system through the Eco design of their range of hotel products.

A zero plastic target

We have drastically reduced the use of plastic by eliminating individual packaging, plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc. Plastic pollution is the cause of the overcoming of the 5th planetary limit necessary for our survival and corresponding to “the introduction of new entities into the biosphere”, it is also a scourge for marine species that ingest microplastics that eventually end up in our dishes!

For this reason, we have selected for you eco-designed products as well as personalized, reusable water bottles to quench your thirst at any time of the day, thus allowing us to avoid the production of 3600 plastic bottles per year!

Preservation of water resources

Water is THE essential resource. It is vital and we have just passed the planetary limit of a pure water cycle. This is why we do everything we can to save water.

For example, we offer you the possibility to reduce the frequency of cleaning services and towel replacement in your room (the choice is yours 😉).

We have also set up smart shower heads in every bathroom, allowing you to manage your water consumption via a color system created by our partner Hydrao: small lights in the shower head change color to indicate your water consumption in real time (your challenge is to stay in the green!)

A paperless strategy

We have chosen to reduce our paper consumption as much as possible, starting by digitalizing our communication tools (website, information screens), and offering to send our invoices via email.

We also use tear-proof door ties in every room, which serve as “do not disturb” signs and provide you with information on our services and the actions you can take during your stay to help us make the Hôtel des artistes the most eco-friendly hotel in Lyon !

A healthy breakfast for you and for our planet: organic, artisanal and local products on your plate

The products we offer are healthy and come from our local producers, as close as possible to the hotel.

Click here to discover our breakfast specially-designed for gourmet locavores who have come to discover the French capital of gastronomy!

Saying no to food waste!

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. At the end of the breakfast service, our food waste is sorted and composted; paper towels, grounds and coffee capsules included. Our partner Oui Compost transforms them into compost for plants. A virtuous circle that contributes to making Lyon a greener city!

Eco-challenge “My Little Planet”

Our team has recently participated in the “Ma Petite Planète” eco-challenge. An enriching experience that allowed us to better understand the environmental issues of our century and above all, improve our individual and collective practices in order to reduce our ecological footprint while having fun through a series of challenges. We strongly recommend you to try it out!

Towards decarbonization and reducing our emissions

The latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are instructive as to the responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human action on climate change. As you well know, the consequences are irreversible and destroy our ecosystems every day, forcing us to imagine a future where natural disasters and mass extinctions become the norm.

Beyond the actions described above, we are constantly searching for solutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our hotel. In order to contribute to the expectations of the Paris agreement (COP 21), we have set the goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 33% in 2025 (compared to 2019), for a truly sustainable development!

For example, we have invested in technical solutions such as the insulation of our pipes, the installation of centrally controlled thermostats, the removal of sludge from our pipes, the renovation of air conditioning installations, the care given to micro leaks, installation of motion sensors in highly frequented areas…

Let's talk innovation, let's talk cooperation

In order to reinvent our industry and decarbonize it, the use of innovation is an essential lever. This is why the Hôtel des artistes encourages Lyon citizens’ initiative of the moment by investing in Time for the Planet, a non-profit company with a mission: the ambition of raising 1 billion euros to invest in innovations aimed at massively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These innovations will be available globally and in open source. Each and every individual or company can become a shareholder of Time for the Planet with no expectation of financial benefits, (these being entirely reinvested in new innovations). On the other hand, each shareholder can receive Climate Dividends by taking action and helping this extraordinary movement to grow 😉


So what do you say, ready for your green trip?