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An eco friendly hotel in the center of Lyon

It’s because we are aware of our impact on the deterioration of ecosystems
Because our planet is our most precious possession…
And because we wish to provide a better quality of life for future generations…

… That we continuously strive to minimize our environmental footprint. Since the beginning, we’ve implemented a step by step process to make our hotel more sustainable. However, in 2019 we realized it wasn’t enough to take action all by ourselves.

Therefore, we decided to communicate and encourage our colleagues as well as our customers to embark with us on this green trip!


Assessing our environmental impact

The Hôtel des artistes is one of the 150 ecofriendly French hotels to take part in an environmental labeling process with Betterfly Tourism, which allows us to display the impact of a night’s stay based on the consumption of energy, water and consumables used in our establishment over a year.

We had the pleasure of obtaining an encouraging A grade, which further encourages us to continue our efforts! Here are some of the actions we have taken over the years:

– Reducing our use of cleaning products
– Removing amenities in all of our rooms (all essential products remaining available at reception)
– Using soap and shampoo dispensers instead of individual packages
– Favoring organic and local food in the kitchen, as well as organic cotton for bedding
– Choosing LED lighting in all bedrooms

None of this would have been possible without a strong commitment from our management and team in favor of an ambitious environmental program!


Hôtel écologique lyon


Our ecological commitment in the future : Green Key label

This assessment is only one step in a process of continuous efforts to improve our actions. In the months and years to come, we are committed to going even further, particularly by:

– Reducing our energy consumption linked mainly to heating buildings

– Reducting our water consumption

– Develop a responsible purchasing policy with our suppliers (organic, local, eco-responsible and reconditioned products)

– Communicate this commitment to our customers

– Participate in the development of the local economy and community life

– Take a closer look at biodiversity by improving our coexistence with the species around us

– Improve the management of our waste: compost, sort including in rooms, eliminate plastic, favor bulk, monitor and reduce our waste

– Training our employees and improve their working conditions

And more generally, by engaging in a truly ambitious environmental strategy!



Acting towards a more sustainable tourism in Lyon

If you are reading these lines, it’s certainly because you believe environmental factors are important to take into account when choosing a hotel. By doing this you are actively promoting a more sustainable tourism!

During your stay, you will be able to help us lower our carbon footprint by participating in simple but essential actions.

Nothing complicated, just common sense 🙂 Switching the light off when leaving the room, turning the heater off when opening the window, keeping the same towel several days before having it cleaned. Take advantage of our central location to discover Lyon by walk, bike or public transport 😉

We’re counting on you to help us make Lyon the French capital of eco friendly tourism!


Ready to embark on this green adventure with us?


Our ecofriendly actions

Beyond the joy of welcoming you to the Hôtel des Artistes, we are pleased to work to improve our daily practices, in order to offer services that have a positive impact on the planet, biodiversity, your health and your overall stay.

To this end, we display our environmental strategy in complete transparency and continue our efforts on an ongoing basis.

For us, the quality of the products and services we deliver is paramount. This guarantee of quality involves a selection of healthy and tasty products that respect the environment, and are produced as close as possible to the hotel.

We wish to make your stay with us, a forefront of the pleasures that await you in the magnificent city of Lyon.

More specifically, here are some examples of our daily practices in terms of environmental strategy:

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