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Because we are aware of each other’s impact on the deterioration of our planet, because our planet is our most precious possession and to promise future generations that we have each tried at our level to preserve their heritage; we have always been keen to minimize the impact of our activity on the planet. In 2019, we realized that it was not enough to be in an isolated continuous improvement process. We must know how to talk about it, engage and encourage our colleagues as well as our customers! We have therefore embarked on an environmental labeling process that allows us to display the impact of a night’s stay in our hotel in a transparent manner in order to improve it. We had the pleasure of obtaining an encouraging grade of A, which further encourages us to continue our efforts!



The environmental impact of a night’s stay with us is calculated from the consumption of energy, water and consumables used in the establishment over a year. The strengths that were identified during our audit are as follows :

– Strong commitment from management and teams

– Reduction in the consumption of cleaning products

– Removal of amenities in the room, all essential products remain available as needed at reception!

– Presence of hand soap and shampoo / shower gel dispensers in the bathrooms

– Presence of an organic and local food range and organic cotton textiles

– LED lighting in all bedrooms

Finally, in the months and years to come, we are committed to going even further on the following points :

– Reducing its energy consumption, mainly linked to the heating of buildings

– Decrease the impact of washing towels

– Develop with suppliers the use of more responsible products for consumables

– Develop communication with customers

You can help us by participating in various actions that we will suggest to you during your customer journey. Nothing complicated, only common sense! Who leaves their bedroom light on, the heating on and the window open before going to work? nobody ! who changes his bath towel every day? nobody either 🙂 so why do it at the hotel? We can’t wait to embark you on our great adventure! Welcome to the Hôtel des Artistes 🙂